Financial Options


Our office accepts almost all traditional dental insurance plans. However, some comapnies require that a patient sees certain dentists from a list they provide. There are hundreds of these types of plans. Some insurance companies offer special plans that allow a patient to visit a doctor that is not on a list. If Dr. Nix is not on your insurance company's list, we may still be able to file your claim and accept your copay or deductible. This is called filing an out-of-network claim, and we do it all the time! Ask us about your insurance coverage, and we'll explain the details so you can fully understand the financial aspects of your dental care.


We accept credit cards, personal checks, and cash payments. If you have insurance, please prepare to pay your copay or deductible at your visit.


We work with CareCredit, a trusted name in patient financing. This company offers payment plans from 6 to 24 months long. Our goal is to make all types of dental care, restorative and cosmetic, affordable to pateints. If you would like to apply for a low- or no-interest loan with CareCredit, submit your application online here.